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Welcome to East Coast Enrollers Insurance Agency

About the agency

East Coast Enrollers Insurance is an independent agency in southwest New Hampshire, located in Keene and serving a wide area of New England. Our agency focuses on Group Insurance, Voluntary Benefits, Security, and Miscellaneous other insurances such as College Tuition Plan, and Section 125 POP. When working with East Coast Enrollers, your independent agent focuses on your needs and best interests. We don’t work for any one company, we work for you, our client.

Serving clients across the Northeast, primarily New Hampshire, Vermont, and Massachusetts, East Coast Enrollers was started by Steve Rockwell in 1991. The agency has grown each year since, adding new insurance companies and bringing in new agents to help our clients. To learn more about the agents at East Coast Enrollers and our agents serving your area we warmly invite you to contact us..

What it means to be an independent agent

Unlike some agents, who only represent one company, East Coast Enrollers works with many different insurance companies, which enables us to provide the truly best solution for you. Policies often vary widely on both the coverage offered and price, so having an experienced agent is important to find the right choices.

You need to understand exactly what your policy covers and does not so that you can be confident in your selection. By working with an independent agent you can feel confident that we are looking out for your best interest rather than serving a single company that may not have all the best options, in addition to receiving the most competitive pricing.